Vinmetrica SO2 analyser + reagents, complete set

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The Vinmetrica SO2 measuring instrument allows the winemaker to easily determine the level of free and total SO2 in white, rose and red wines.

Complete set contains:

  • Vinmetrica analyser for free and total SO2 (013.001.SC1)
  • SO2 acid solution (013.002.AS)
  • SO2 NaOH solution (013.002.NAOH)
  • SO2 reactant solution (013.002.RS)
  • SO2 titrant (013.002.TS)


The analyser, with the SO2 electrode and reagents provided, can be used to determine sulfite (or SO2) levels in wine, musts, and other samples. It relies on the Ripper titration based on the quantitative reaction of the SO2 with iodine (generated during the titration) which oxidises the SO2 in the sample under acid conditions.

When all the SO2 is titrated at the end point, excess iodine appears in solution. This is detected as current with the SO2 electrode and signalled by audible and visual indicators. The endpoint is much more sensitive than the starch colour change commonly employed for Ripper titration, and it is sharp and clear, even when titrating red wines and musts. From the known concentration of the titrant and its volume required to reach the end point, the free SO2 is simply calculated.

Packing dimensions and weight:

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Width 14.8 cm
EAN code 5420069821654
Brand Vinmetrica
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