Viking Malt

Viking Malt MalthousesBrouwland is proud to extend its malt range with Viking Malt grains. Viking Malt chose Brouwland as its exclusive reseller in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Germany, Ireland and the UK. This malting giant is the 5th biggest malting company in Europe and engages itself in sustainable local sourcing of malting barley.

So what sets Viking Malt apart from others?

Viking Malt´s raw materials grow in the northern-most farming areas of the world where the circumstances for barley cultivation are optimal.

The farms are audited which enables easy communication with farmers about the quality and practices. Viking Malt actively develops and tests new varieties together with breeders, farmers and customers.

A clean environment and good climate with proper seasons leads to low contamination levels and safe raw materials. Traceability is easy when grains are transported directly from the farms to the maltings. By using varieties and qualities that are preferred by the customer, Viking Malt creates an added value.

Viking MaltClassic malts are recommended for use as a base for a chosen beer type. In combination with the Special selection, any type of beer can be designed. These malts can be also used together with the right proportion of different adjuncts. They are high in enzymic power and pale in colour. Flavors are dominated by malty, nutty and green notes. Go to products

Viking MaltBrewer’s Special malts offer a full selection for designing Pils, IPA or any other brew. Typically low or nil in enzymic power. The usage rate of any specific malt depends mainly on that feature. Flavors are varied - from the cereal notes of the Munich malt, to the coffee aromas of Chocolate malt. Go to products.

Viking MaltOrganic choice for organic brews. No pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used in the chain of production. Carefully selected lots from the tested malting barley varieties that are suitable for organic cultivation. They possess the same primary malt characters as their non-organic twins.
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Viking MaltTune up your product with these new malts with smoky character. The raw material for smoked malts has gone through the same acceptance procedures as all other malts. These malts are smoked with novel equipment and technique. Origin of smoke is peat or wood.
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Viking MaltDistiller’s malts grown under the midnight sun. Malt characters that fulfill the strictest require-ments of any whiskey recipe. High in enzymic power and alcohol yield. Go to products.