Dried yeast Rhône 2056™ - Lalvin™ - 125 g

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For structure, color and spiciness.

Lalvin™ Rhône 2056® was selected by the ITV for its ability to maintain varietal fruit aromas and flavours of Côtes du Rhône varieties. It demonstrates good alcohol tolerance as well as low SO2 and VA production over a wide temperature range. Rhône 2056® is a quick to moderate fermenter with relatively high nutrient requirements. Rhône 2056® benefits greatly from good nutrition practices, maintains good colour stability and is excellent for fruit-forward-style reds.

  • suitable for white, red and rosé wines
  • alcohol tolerance: 16%
  • MLF (malo) recommended
  • high glycerol production
  • ferments at 15°C
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • 125 g package
  • dosage: 20-25 g/hl

Active dry wine yeast

White wine: 25-40 g/hl
Red wine: 20-30 g/hl
Stuck fermentation: 30-50 g/hl

Rehydrate in 10 times its volume of lukewarm water (35-37°C or 30°C) for 20 min.
After stirring, add to the barrel.
See technical data sheet.
For use in food.
Store in a cool place.
Shelf life: 24 months at 4°C.

Important point of attention: free SO2 level of must
When inoculating, make sure that free SO2 content of must is lower than 15 mg/l.

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