Blichmann™ BrewEasy™ Adaptor Kit 19 liter - G1 version

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Use this adapter set to create the basis for building a RIMS (Recirculation Infusion Mash System) installation with 2 Blichmann BoilerMaker kettles. In a RIMS installation, the wort is filtered and circulated while warming up as part of the mash process.

In the BrewEasy, this is achieved using 2 kettles placed on top of one other. The top kettle holds the mash. This kettle has a filter base, through which the filtered wort flows into the brew (or boil) kettle positioned below it. It is then heated up in the brew kettle and pumped back up into the mash kettle. An AutoSparge ensures that the pump pumps back exactly the same amount that flows into the brew kettle. Once the mash process is completed, all of the wort flows into the brew kettle and the mash kettle is removed. The boiling process can now begin as normal.

The BrewEasy system comes in 2 sizes, for brews of:
  • 19 litres – 28-litre mash kettle, 38-litre brew kettle
  • 38 litres – 56-litre mash kettle, 75-litre brew kettle
This is the number of litres of wort that you can ultimately expect to appear in your fermenter.

The adapter set includes all connections for 2 kettles together with an AutoSparge.

The complete BrewEasy system from Blichmann (as detailed on the company website) also includes a pump, a gas burner and a control unit. We are unfortunately not yet able to offer these parts separately, as they do not yet meet European CE certification requirements.

To construct a complete, manually operated system (38 litres), the following components are required:

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 9.07 kg
Length 44.5 cm
Height 81 cm
Width 44.5 cm
EAN code 5420069820633
Brand Blichmann
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