alembic copper decorative 20 l

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Decorative alembic
A marvellous range of alembics made out of hand-beaten copper. The original design of the well-known alembics speaks to everybody’s imagination and can now find a place in your hobby room. Sold only for decorational purposes.

Distilling and the law
In most countries distilling water, essential oils, etc. is permitted. In most European countries, distilling alcohol is only permitted subject to an excise license. In some European countries, even possession of distilling equipment or an alembic without a permit is not allowed. When buying one of these devices, or if you want to distil alcohol, you must comply with the applicable legislation in your country.

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 4.7 kg
Length 68 cm
Height 35 cm
Width 35 cm
EAN code 02512334
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