Liquid Yeast WLP775 English Cider - White Labs - PurePitch™

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Classic cider yeast. Ferments dry, but retains flavour from apples. Sulphur is produced during fermentation, but will disappear in first 2 weeks of aging. Can also be used for wine and high gravity beers.

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Attenuation: >80%
Flocculation: Medium
Fermentation temperature: 20°-24°C (68°-75°F)
Content: 40 ml

White Labs - PurePitch™
The industry’s first pitchable yeast grown and delivered in the same package. Yeast that has never been exposed to the environment, in its most perfect and natural state. The result of a 5 year journey to create the absolute purest yeast ever.

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 0.3 kg
Length 6.9 cm
Height 19 cm
Width 2 cm
EAN code 812075020797
Brand White Labs
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