Dried yeast Cider M02 - Mangrove Jack's - 100 g

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This cider yeast is a high ester-producing strain, imparting wonderful flavour depth, revealing the full fruit potential of the juice. Ciders fermented using this strain are exceptionally crisp, flavoursome and refreshing in taste. This highly robust yeast has good fructose assimilation and is capable of fermenting under challenging conditions and over a wide temperature range.

Flocculation Rate: 5 (very high)
Final Gravity: low (high attenuation)
Recommended Temperature Range: 12-28°C

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 0.012 kg
Length 10 cm
Height 0.2 cm
Width 6.5 cm
EAN code 9421025515705
Brand Mangrove Jack
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