Lallemand Malotabs™ 5 x 250 l

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The ideal solution to inoculate your barrels.

Selected wine bacteria for malolactic fermentation are now available in a tablet form. Malotabs™ is a specific Oenococcus oeni tablet developed for an easy and simple inoculation in barrels and an easy induction of malolactic fermentation. Easy-to-use and easy-to-add to barrels, Malotabs™ ensure a fast bacterial conversion of malic acid, complete and homogeneous throughout the entire volume of the barrel. The dosage is one tab per barrel (max. 250 litre). Developed in collaboration with Eurotab®.

  • suitable for white, red and rosé wines
  • alcohol tolerance: 16%
  • ph tolerance: >3,2
  • SO2 toal tolerance: 60 mg/l
  • MLF (malo) recommended
  • high glycerol production
  • temperature min. tolerance 16°C
  • Oenococcus oeni

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