Renaissance dried yeast Fresco 100 g

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Renaissance Yeast is a leader in the development of classical crossbred (non-GMO) H2S-preventing yeast. Based on a unique strain of yeast that is naturally incapable of producing H2S, they have developed yeast specifically for their favourable fermentation attributes in cider. Ciders produced with Renaissance Saccharomyces strains contain no hydrogen sulfide, are bright, clean and have outstanding aromas.

  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae hybrid
  • bright apple characteristics
  • recommended for cider styles: New World, English, French, Perry, Ice, New England, apple wine and fruit ciders
  • noted for having strong fermentation kinetics
  • does not produce H2S
  • fermentation temperature: 13-25°C
  • tolerant of high alcohols (up to 15% v/v)
  • low production of SO2
  • classically bred, non-GMO

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