Dried yeast EC 1118™ Prise de Mousse - Lalvin™ - 5 g

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'The original Prise de Mousse’ was selected by the Institut Oenologique de Champagne (IOC) in the Champagne region. This Lalvin EC 1118® Champagne yeast is usable for producing white base wines for Champagne as well as in-bottle fermentation wines.

  • Champagne yeast suitable for white, red and rosé wines and ciders
  • ferments from 10°C
  • quick clarification and very compact sediment
  • MLF (malo) compatible
  • positive contribution to SO2 policy
  • prevents spontaneous MLF (malo)
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. bayanus
  • 5 g package
  • dosage 4.5 g/23 l

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Brand Lalvin
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