Dried yeast Oenoferm X-treme 500 g

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A strong dried yeast with a highly aromatic profile. Its herby and fruity character makes it suitable for white wine varieties such as the Pinot family, Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Silvaner. This non-GMO yeast is suitable for modern wines with distinct minerality. The yeast begins to achieve good results from 10°C and is osmosis tolerant. Furthermore this yeast does not tend towards Böckser formation.

Dosage: 20-30 g/100 l

Storage: Vacuum-packed. Use within 2-3 days of opening.

Erbslöh dried yeasts for professional winegrowers have been a household name in the wine industry for years. These extremely high quality dried yeasts are sold exclusively in 500 g vacuum packs, which is sufficient for around 1,500-3,500 litres depending on the required dosage. With the recent additions to the range, each winegrower can put their stamp on their wine and get the most out of their must.

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 0.515 kg
Length 15 cm
Height 5 cm
Width 9 cm
EAN code 5420069809461
Brand Erbslöh
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