dried yeast Oenoferm Pinotype 500 g

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Special granular yeast for fermenting fresh Pinot wines. It accentuates the typical varietal taste characteristics. Highly suitable for Pinot noir, Pinot gris and Pinot blanc. Also visit our website for taste profiles. Rapid clearing and also very suitable for wines which are bottled young. Dosage: 15-25 g/100 litres must.

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How to add yeast?
The order in which you add ingredients is important for the end result of a wine. One ingredient is capable of influencing the effect of another, even in a negative way. Yeasts are always added AFTER the nutrients! Dried yeasts need to be rehydrated first: dissolve the required quantity of yeast in 10x its weight of lukewarm water (30-35 °C) or preferably 50 % diluted juice. So, e.g. 7 g of yeast in 70 ml of water and/or 100 g yeast in 1 litre of water/juice mixture. Stir gently. Let it rehydrate for 15 minutes (some foaming might occur) and stir gently again. Now add the yeast solution to your must while stirring/ pumping firmly. Ensure that the temperature difference between the yeast solution and the must does not exceed 7 to 10 °C. When the difference in temperature is larger, cool the yeast suspension further down before adding. NEVER scrimp on yeast! A healthy yeast colony is necessary for a consistent fermentation of your must. Keep your dried yeast in a refrigerator.

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