dried wine yeast Bioferm Aromatic 100 g

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Dried wine yeast BIOFERM AROMATIC
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae var. Cerevisiae. Yeast specially selected for the production of more aromatic wines because it produces more esters, aroma components and glycerine than other yeasts. Promotes malolactic fermentation through a rapid autolysis of the yeast cells at the end of the fermentation. Also ideal for use with fruit/ grapes with a lot of malic acid. Alcohol tolerance: 15 % vol. Wide temperature range: 10-30 °C. Dosage: 2-3 g/10 litres.

Dried wine yeast BIOFERM
Through its many years of experience, BIOFERM has created an excellent range of dried yeasts to offer a solution to every winemaker. You prefer sweet wines? You need a yeast for colder temperatures? You like strong red wines? There is a special yeast available for every type of wine. The BIOFERM yeasts are the only yeasts available in vacuum pouches of 100 g, in addition to the standard 7 g packs. This guarantees a maximum shelf life and viability.

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