vitaferm ultra F3 1 kg

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Vitaferm Ultra F3
A multi-nutrient complex combining everything necessary for a secure fermentation process. Comes from yeast cells produced according to the F3-Erbslöh-yeast production process. These cells are subsequently inactivated. Also particularly valuable and important nutrients such as amino acids, peptides, special fermentation co-factors, manoproteins, other adsorptive polymers as well as yeast vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and sterols are released. Diammonium phosphate and thiamin form the additional nutrient framework. Permitted according to the laws and regulations currently in force in the EU. Purity and quality are proved by specialized laboratories. Content: 1 kg.

When to add yeast nutrients?
The order in which ingredients are added is very important because one ingredient can strongly influence the other, also in a negative way! Nutrients always need to be added BEFORE the yeast.

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 1.016 kg
Length 36.6 cm
Height 3.5 cm
Width 13.7 cm
EAN code 4032299322118
Brand Erbslöh
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