Wine cork TWINCORK NORM 39mm 100 pcs

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TWIN-CORKS offer a CONSISTENT and very good quality. These corks consist of compressed cork granules, but are fitted at the top and bottom with a disc of natural cork. Therefore, the prejudice against compressed cork is outdated. The benefits, on the other hand, are significant:

  • Constant density of the cork and, therefore, a constant ‘counter pressure’ against the neck of the bottle resulting in a perfect seal.
  • The 2 cork disks have been treated, so that deviations in flavour are virtually excluded.
  • Normal ‘natural cork’ appearance during the opening of the bottle.
  • Treated with silicone for easy uncorking.
  • Affordable and guaranteed quality in every shipment.
  • Length 39 mm fitted with normal cork disks for the cost-conscious winemaker.
  • Length 45 mm fitted with EXTRA quality disks for top quality without compromise!

ALL our corks have been siliconised. Therefore, prior soaking of these corks is not necessary. Should you still want to do this, then immerse the corks for 10 minutes in a lukewarm solution of equal amounts of sulphite and citric acid to disinfect them. Pat dry before use with a clean cloth.

Type: NORM
Storage time: + 5 years
L x Ø : 39 x 24 mm

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 0.46 kg
Length 36.5 cm
Height 6.9 cm
Width 26.2 cm
EAN code 5420069801489
Brand Vinoferm
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