Wine corks 38 mm quality 2 1,000 pcs

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NATURAL CORKS have a diameter of 24 mm. Attention: there are discount shops that trade in 23 mm and 22 mm corks. Don’t be misled. A diameter of 1 mm less = 10% less cork! The higher the quality, the longer the possible storage time of your wine. The lower the quality, the more holes, tears and other defects in the cork. When your budget is limited, you can take a lower quality and discard the corks with the most defects yourself.

ALL our corks have been siliconised. Therefore, prior soaking of these corks is not necessary. Should you still want to do this, then immerse the corks for 10 minutes in a lukewarm solution of equal amounts of sulphite and citric acid to disinfect them. Pat dry before use with a clean cloth.

L x Ø: 38 x 24 mm
2nd quality: storage time 2 - 3 years

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 3.21 kg
Length 79 cm
Height 11.3 cm
Width 50 cm
EAN code 5420069801434
Brand Vinoferm
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