Refractometer 45-82% Brix

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A refractometer is an optical precision instrument which determines the density of a liquid by the index of refraction. Click here for a practical overview of our refractometers.

This refractometer is particularly suitable for measuring the sugar content of honey, jams, syrups, etc. Accurate, yet easy to use: simply place a few drops of liquid on the prism and the density is directly readable.

  • Scale 45-82% Brix, reading per 0.2%
  • High quality sustainable aluminium construction
  • Sturdy storage case
  • Easy to calibrate with the included calibration solution

  • refractometer
  • pipette
  • mini-screwdriver
  • manual
  • storage case
  • soft cleaning cloth
  • calibration solution

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 0.328 kg
Length 22.3 cm
Height 5.6 cm
Width 9.3 cm
EAN code 5425000399339
Brand Brouwland
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