Automatic burette 25 ml 1:10 Schilling type with 500 ml bottle

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  • professional, calibrated measuring device
  • automatic zero setting
  • exact reading
  • user friendly
  • easy to clean
The automatic burette is an indispensable instrument for the winemaker, used to determine the amount of acid and SO2 in wine or must. By using a burette, you can thin the juice or wine endlessly whilst measuring. This improves the visibility of the colour change, which is very important with dark coloured fluids such as red wine.

This titrate burette, Schilling type, consists of a 500 ml plastic bottle, a small silicon tube and a calibrated glass burette with automatic zero setting and controlled rate of delivery. Using the adjustment screw, you adjust the delivery stream from a flow to a trickle. Squeeze the plastic bottle to fill the burette. Because of the automatic zero setting, the excess liquid flows back in the bottle.

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 0.435 kg
Length 55 cm
Height 10 cm
Width 18 cm
EAN code 5420069821395
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