Cooling unit MiniChilly 0.5 kW

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The small cooling unit MiniChilly, made of stainless steel, is an ideal solution for micro-breweries, hobby brewers and smaller wineries. Due to the simple construction the unit is easy to fill and to install.

  • Passive cooling of fermentation and storage tanks
  • Cooling of must and wine for pre-clearing and cristal stabilisation
  • Cooling of rooms and storage halls - with additional fan coils
  • With stainless steel coil (option): direct cooling of liquids (active cooling)


  • Compact cooling unit made of stainless steel
  • For low water temperature ranges down to -6°C (21,2°F)
  • Thermostatic controller (Carel)
  • Complete cooling water circuit containing a water tank and a submersible pump with stirrer (50/60Hz)
  • Evaporator made of stainless steel
  • Fill level display and tank draining outside the unit
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Separate pump switch next to the controller
  • Refrigerant R134a
  • Ice-bank built at 0°C water temperature
  • It is required to add Glycol (30 - 35%) to the cooling water by outlet temperatures below 0°C (building of an ice-bank not possible then)
  • Option: stainless steel coil for direct product cooling can be integrated, inner tube diameter 10mm

Model Art. n° Cooling capacity Tank capacity
MiniChilly 05 025.260.05 0.5 kW 27 l
MiniChilly 09 025.260.09 0.9 kW 27 l
MiniChilly 17 025.260.17 1.7 kW 48 l
Coil for MiniChilly 05/09 025.260.COIL0509  - -
Coil for MiniChilly 17 025.260.COIL17 - -

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 36 kg
Length 70 cm
Height 49.5 cm
Width 37 cm
EAN code 02526005
Brand Kreyer
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