Lallzyme Cuvée Blanc™ 100 g

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White grape skin-contact macerating enzyme.

LALLZYME® Cuvée Blanc™ was developed by Lallemand for use on white grapes during skin-contact maceration in order to obtain high quality white wines, rich in taste with intense mouthfeel, and enhanced structure and aromatic complexity.

Cuvée Blanc™ is a very specific blend of pectinases concentrated in complementary glycosidase activities. It is low in macerating activities (cellulases, hemicellulases), and therefore provides gentle juice extraction and fast clarification after pressing. Cuvée Blanc™ has been used successfully in different wine regions around the world, particularly for Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Sémillon. Available in water-soluble crystalline form, it is added to white grapes at crushing at a rate of 20 g/ tonne grapes.

Dosage: 2 g/hl.

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