Mad Millie Hard Cheese Kit

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The Mad Millie Hard Cheese Kit contains everything you need to create 7 different types of cheese. Just add milk to make Colby, cheddar, Caerphilly, Cheshire cheese, Havarti, Wensleydale and (Red) Leicester. Designed to be made in any kitchen, no specialised equipment or experience required.

BPA-free equipment | no artificial flavours | no preservatives | gluten-free | vegetarian

  • 14 ingredients & supplies to make your own hard cheese
  • 5 hours hands-on time per recipe (does not include maturing time)
  • for 10 batches (5 kg/11 lb) of hard cheese (before refills are required)

1 x 450 g salt (sodium chloride, anticaking agent (E535)); 1 x 100 g steriliser (sodium percarbonate); 1 x 50 ml calcium chloride solution (water, calcium chloride (E509) (30%)); 1 x 50ml annatto colourant (water, colourant (E160b) (annatto extracts), potassium hydroxide); 2 x 10 vegetarian rennet tablets (milk clotting enzyme, excipients); 2 x 5 pcs sachet freeze dried cheese culture (freeze dried lactic bacteria. Contains dairy).

What's included?

  • cheese culture
  • hard cheese press with pressure gauge
  • cheese wax with stainless steel melting bowl and lid
  • cheese mat
  • pipette
  • stainless steel thermometer
  • vegetarian rennet tablets (20)
  • cheese salt
  • steriliser
  • calcium chloride
  • cheese cloth
  • culture measuring spoons
  • annatto
  • recipe booklet

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