Starter kit Brewferm® Barrel mini kegs with Party Star Deluxe

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Are you planning a party or have you always dreamed of kegging your own homemade beer at home? Stop filling bottles and start pouring a fresh draught beer from this cool mini pressure keg!

Why choose the Brewferm® Barrel?

  • Second fermentation in your portable, fun-sized keg
  • Ready-to-pour in just a few days
  • Your beer stays fresh for weeks

How does it work?
Transfer your beer to the keg, add 3 g of sugar per litre and let the beer ferment in a warm place. Then place the keg in a cool environment. After just a few days, you can start enjoying your own draught beer. The CO2 gives your beer a frothy foam collar and keeps your beer fresh. Moreover, the keg is airtight, which means that your beer can be kept for several weeks. What are you waiting for?


  • 3 handy mini pressure kegs of 5 litres with special re-usable rubber plug
  • Party Star Deluxe beer tap: a special CO2 tap head with adjustable beer flow and CO2 discharge
  • 10 carbon dioxide cartridges 16 g
  • Practical manual

Note: Cannot be sent by airmail.

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 3.2 kg
Length 45.4 cm
Height 31 cm
Width 30.1 cm
EAN code 5420069820206
Brand Brewferm
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