Kingdom Brew Kit - Special Belge

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Sir Brews-a-Lot extends his beer kingdom to your home. With his all grain brew kit you can brew 5 litres of your own beer at home in just a few hours. When you have finished brewing, your beer has to ferment and lager for a few weeks before you can enjoy your own homebrew. A typical Belgian beer style with a unique history. Enjoy the rich taste of caramelised malt of this amber-coloured classic with a low alcohol content of only 5.6%.

  • Brew kit with milled all grain mix
  • Available in 6 different flavours
  • Brew from scratch
  • Included in this beer brew kit:
    • milled malt
    • hop
    • yeast
    • fermentation bucket 6 l
    • airlock bubbler model
    • PVC tap
    • digital pocket thermometer
    • Chemipro® OXI cleaning agent
    • self-adhesive thermometer strip

The king selected 6 of his best recipes for the beginning home brewer. Something for every beer lover!

Ingredients: barley malt, hops, yeast.

P.S. Soon available: a handy refill kit and a Beer Bottling Kit, containing all the equipment you need to bottle your Kingdom brewski properly.

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Weight 2.16 kg
Length 32 cm
Height 28.5 cm
Width 25 cm
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Brand Kingdom
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