Water distiller SST AQUASTILL

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Make your own clear, germfree water for diluting your liqueurs, distilling essentials oils, starting up your yeasts or for filling your iron…

Easy to use: pour water in the appliance and turn it on. The temperature can be digitally set between 58°C and 108°C. Select the appropriate temperature and wait until distillation is completed. Before selecting a new temperature, allow the device to cool first, after it has reached the target temperature.

To distil water, we recommend setting the device to the maximum temperature of 108°C. After a few hours your water will be distilled completely, without impurities or bacteria and ready for use. For other applications, it is best to use the standard temperature setting of 95°C.

  • 220 V / 750 W
  • content: 4 litre
  • digital control system
  • stainless steel kettle and casing

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 5 kg
Length 47 cm
Height 34 cm
Width 27 cm
EAN code 5420069808242
Brand Aquastill
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