liqueur extract Lick abricot 1 liter

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Content: 1 l, sufficient for 50 litres of liqueur. Recipe on the label.
Commercial type: Abricot Bols.
Tastes of: apricot.

With the Lick aromas you can make your own spirits and liqueurs at home. You can also use the Lick extracts in all sorts of delicious culinary dishes: desserts, pastries, yoghurts, etc.

Prepare your own liqueurs:
Each bottle of essence comes with a recipe on the label. Mixe it with water, pure alcohol (90/96°) and sugar (or for diabetics who can use fructose - 75% of the indicated sugar proportion) to obtain a liqueur wholly comparable with those sold in the shops. Even better, since the sugar and alcohol contents can be adjusted to suit everyone’s tastes and wishes. You need only reduce the recommended amount of pure alcohol and increase the amount of water to obtain a less alcoholic liqueur. With one litre of pure alcohol, you can make about three litres of Lick liqueur and even more if you decrease the alcohol proportion. That will not spoil the taste of the drink but only make it less alcoholic. Once the mixture is ready, do not forget to allow it to rest for at least a week. Ageing improves any liqueur, you will be amply rewarded!

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 1.2 kg
Length 8 cm
Height 25 cm
Width 8 cm
Brand Lick
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