extract apple ALCOFERM 1% 1 l

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Extracts that can be used for liqueur making or as a taste improver for wines and beers. The amount of extract to use when making liqueur: e.g. 1% = 1 litre extract for 100 l of liqueur. With a liqueur recipe on every bottle. May not be used in commercial wines!

Making your own sugar syrup is very easy: by dissolving 1,05 kg of granulated sugar in 1 l of water you’ll get 1,66 litres of sugar syrup of 65%. Dissolving 633 g of granulated sugar into 600 ml of water will get you 1 litre of sugar syrup of 65%. Always stir thoroughly until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Apple 1%
100 ml is sufficient for 10 litres of liqueur
1 l is sufficient for 100 litres of liqueur

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