Fermentation crock Mortier Pilon - 2 l

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Sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi… Some of the tastiest components of a vitamin-rich diet are obtained through fermentation. This versatile, durable glass crock lets you make of all those, and then some, for a third of the cost of most crocks on the market.

This kit has everything you need to start making your own fermented food at home: a durable, cleverly designed fermentation crock that's a third of the price (and weight) of most crocks on the market, a rewritable label to identify each batch, and a booklet of user-friendly, thoroughly tested recipes to get you started. For ideas and inspiration, take a sneak peek here: https://www.mortierpilon.com/blog/

The interior of all Mortier Pilon crocks and jars is 100% glass. The white parts on the outside of the crocks and jars are made of non-reactive, BPA-free plastic, and do not come into contact with the food.


  • fermentation crock 2 litre
  • ceramic weight
  • recipe booklet
  • wax pencil
Mortier Pilon's Fermentation Crocks make it easy to create your own healthy, probiotic-rich fermented foods at home! From dill pickles to kimchi to sauerkraut and more, these stylish fermentation kits include delicious and healthy recipes to balance your body's natural flora! Rediscover the art of fermentation and live a DIY experience you will be proud to share with everyone.

What are the benefits of fermented foods?

Fermented foods not only taste delicious, they also offer dozens of benefits: restore the natural balance of your internal flora, stimulate the immune system, stabilise gastric acidity, facilitate the absorption of nutrients and preserve food without losing nutritional value. Plus, with hundreds of recipes for probiotic, healthy fermented foods, you’re sure to discover something you love!

What is fermentation?

There are a few different kinds of fermentation, but Mortier Pilon recipes generally feature lacto-fermentation, think kimchi, kefir, yogurt, which is a process that turns the natural sugars found in food into a special type of acid that is rich in healthy probiotics. This type of fermentation uses salt and an anaerobic environment to kill off any harmful bacteria, and acid to help preserve the food. Interestingly, the types of bacteria that can be harmful to us are very vulnerable to salt, while healthy bacteria, like the type found in Greek yogurt, thrive in a salty environment. Mortier Pilon’s recipes rarely include acid for preservation, because the lacto-fermentation process actually creates acid from natural sugars found in food!

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