'Thuis bier brouwen' - Greg Hughes

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Title: Thuis bier brouwen: Stap voor stap uw eigen bier brouwen. 100 recepten - pils - porter - bokbier - pale ale - IPA - bitter - mild - stout.
Author: Greg Hughes
Language: Dutch
Publisher: Veltman Uitgevers
224 pages

‘Thuis bier brouwen’ contains everything you need to brew a perfect glass of beer. Find out how to brew a wide range of delicious beers: from pils, wheat beer and various ales to special beers brewed with fruit, herbs and spices.

The first section goes into detail about the equipment and ingredients you require. The book also contains a hundred beer recipes from all over the world, including brewing tips and clear photos of the end result. The recipes are intended for homebrewing using grain, but alternatives using malt extract are also included. The detailed photos clearly demonstrate what you need to do during each stage of the brewing process and are easy to follow for beginners and experienced home brewers alike.

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