Crown corks 26 mm - oxygen scavenging - Belgian flag - 1,000 pcs

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Belgium is the beer country par excellence. In 2016 UNESCO even recognised the Belgian beer culture as Intangible Cultural Heritage. Did you brew a genuine Belgian beer? Then why not cap it with a Belgian flag. These unique crown caps also protect your beer against oxidation.

These oxygen scavengers have a special liner that absorbs oxygen molecules in the head space of closed bottles. This layer protects your beer from oxidation, it ensures flavour stability and extends shelf life.


  • 26 mm crown cap
  • special oxygen scavenging liner
  • the caps are moisture activated, therefore, only wet/sanitize the crown corks prior to bottling.
  • quantity: 1,000 pieces

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 2.105 kg
Length 30.7 cm
Height 8.3 cm
Width 21 cm
EAN code 5420069843038
Brand Brewferm
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