Aluminium cans 50 cl with lid for Cannular - 207 pcs

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€ 109,95 (incl. VAT)

This value pack of 207 cans of 50 cl with lid ensures that you can enjoy the many advantages of canning at a reasonable price: less risk of oxidation, lots of possibilities for personalisation and 100% lightproof, so no unwanted UV rays penetrating the beer and influencing its taste. The cans have a B64 closure and are 100% compatible with the Cannular Semiautomatic Canning Machine (see below). At this time we can unfortunately not guarantee compatibility with other cans.

  • large outer box with 207 cans of 50 cl and lids
  • 100% compatible with the Cannular Semiautomatic Canning Machine (see below)
  • wide drinking opening makes drinking a pleasure
  • although the cans are packed in protective conditions, we recommend sanitizing them before use

Attention: Empty aluminium cans are vulnerable and therefore prone to damage. Therefore, take a failure rate of 5% into account. To keep waste to a minimum, we recommend that you collect your order for cans from the shop in Beverlo. We cannot be held liable for damage caused by external carriers.

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 6 kg
Length 58 cm
Height 51 cm
Width 53 cm
EAN code 9388866605449
Brand Cannular
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