Ss Brewtech™ FTSs Pro Modular Temperature control kit 3/4" for ≥ 5 bbl Jacketed Unitanks /Pro Brite

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Precise temperature control is an important part of any professional brewing operation. By designing the FTSs Pro to be a modular, tank mounted system the brewery can expand and reorganize their fermentation space without the need to rewire or purchase a larger central control panel.

The Ss Brewtech PID controlled panel offers greater temperature control and stability than a standard industrial temperature controller. Features such as an event input "Crash" mode allows to crash cool a tank to a pre-programmed temperature without having to dial in a new temperature every time.


  • Omron PID with Relay Output
  • Event Input with integrated "Crash" mode
  • 3/4" Brass solenoid valve included
  • Detachable solenoid valve harness
  • Water and chemical resistant harnesses for RTD probe, solenoid, and power
  • 240 VAC power requirement
  • All 304 stainless water resistant case with welded mount
  • Designed to mount to standard 1.5" process piping

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Brand SSBrewtech
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