Ss Brewtech™ Jacketed Unitank 159 l (1 barrel)

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Ss Brewtech set out to design their line of Jacketed Unitanks by taking the same robust material thickness, finishing standards, and glycol jacketing as their Pro Unitanks, then scaled them down to popular pilot and nano brewery sizes. It was also important to borrow popular cues from their single wall Unitanks such as a lower stiffener shelf plate, and square tube leg design.

They also carried over their popular zwickle sampling valve, DIN racking arm, sleeved thermowell port, and analog thermometer. Then added a pro carbonation stone along with a combination CIP and dry hopping port. And instead of incorporating a cumbersome off-the-shelf manway, they went with the familiar TC standard and their own proprietary TC lid cap and gasket system that prevents the gasket from inadvertently falling into the tank when installing and removing the lid cap. The line of Jacketed Unitanks strikes the perfect balance of pro performance in a smaller package.

Cooling options:
FTSs | Jacketed Unitank - Designed to be paired with the line of Ss Glycol Chillers.
½" FTSs Pro - Designed to be paired with a pressurized loop commercial glycol system.

  • Pro construction: 3 mm inner wall, 2 mm dimpled glycol jacket, 1.5 mm outer wall
    Lower cone and Body Glycol Jacket
  • Lid cap includes combination 3" dry hop port and 17 psi (1,2 bar) PRV
  • Blow-off tube and sanitary pressure gauge
  • Zwickle sampling valve and analog thermometer
  • 1.5" TC rotatable racking arm with DIN nut, 1.5" lower dump port
  • Discrete cylinder and cone jackets allow for half batching
  • 1/2" NPT glycol inlet and outlet ports with internal jacket tie
  • 316 stainless steel carbonation stone with valve
  • Cone mounted sleeved resistance temperature detector port with probe included
  • 4 mm lower stiffener plate with adjustable feet
  • Height: 53" (134.62 cm)

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 122.5 kg
Length 81 cm
Height 138.5 cm
Width 81.5 cm
EAN code 5420069837723
Brand SSBrewtech
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