Ss Brewtech™ Brewhouse 159 l (1 bbl), 3PH, CE

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The concept of the 1 bbl Brewhouse design was not starting from the home equipment line and scaling up. Instead, Ss Brewtech used their experience from designing full-size professional brewhouses and scaled it down. With their company credo in mind: Engineering better beer, their approach resulted in a professional grade nano brewhouse with no equal.

Heating & Internal Calandria
The heat sources and electrical framework of the 1 bbl brewhouse enable the brewer precise control over each temperature and process. At the core of that objective are independent heating elements for each vessel, allowing the user to choose the perfect step mash temperatures and to sustain the optimal temperature in the HLT (Hot Liquor Tank). The calandria regulates the perfect rolling boil via the proportional heat control in the kettle.

Patent Pending Internal Calandria
The Ss Brewtech engineering team outfitted the 1 bbl Brewhouse with a custom center-mounted element which is shrouded by an internal calandria. Convection forces the wort up from the bottom of the kettle through the calandria’s tube, where the wort is then superheated and dispersed; yielding increased wort circulation, volatile compounds boiling off more efficiently, and greater hop utilization.

Patent Pending Valve Tree
Keeping the brewer in mind, the valve tree was designed, which is the key design feature of this system. Placing all the critical process valves in one central location makes the brew day intuitive and enjoyable. The control panel is a scaled down version from the larger pro brewhouses. The entire brewhouse is built upon a network of sanitary welded and fully hard piped TC connections. The integral hard piping matched with a fully welded frame provides a fit and finish unprecedented in a 1 bbl brewhouse.

Milled False Bottom & Grain-Out
In none of the Ss Brewtech professional brewhouses will you find a punched false bottom, so you won’t find one in this nano brewhouse either. The precision milled false bottom allows for a faster vorlauf, clearer run-off, and mitigates the risk of a stuck sparge. The grain-out door allows for quick and easy clean-up. No more hassle scooping grain from the top of a mash tun.

Key Features:

  • Full sanitary hard piping with the patent pending valve tree
  • Milled plate false bottom with grain-out door for easy removal of grains
  • Rotatable kettle pick-up tube to drain the clear wort after boiling
  • Electric heating elements for Hot Liquor Tank, RIMS, and internal calandria
  • Frame-mounted Chugger Max sanitary pumps and plate heat exchanger


  • 3 heating elements (boil kettle, Hot Liquor Tank and Recirculating Infusion Mash System)
  • Internal calandria around boil heating elements
  • Tangential whirlpool port
  • Stainless hard pipping throughout with valve tree
  • Perlick style sampling valve
  • Detachable CIP arm
  • Sparge ring
  • Combo vorlauf/strike water fill port
  • Dedicated underlet leg to remedy a stuck mash
  • Proportional heating element control with Omron PID Controllers combined with dynamic voltage adjustability
  • Main control panel with HLT, mash, kettle and heat exchanger temperature read-outs
  • Dedicated pump control switches
  • Dual cart mounted electrical service panels
  • Fully assembled and ready to brew


  • 130 l final batch size
  • 20% kettle headspace
  • 2.5 mm kettle wall thickness
  • 2B Mill Finish; matte appearance and bright defect-free finish
  • 1” process piping
  • 1” butterfly valves, sight glasses, and TC gaskets
  • 1 m² heat exchanger surface area
  • Measurements (w x h x d): 74" x 52" x 40" (1,980 x 1,321 x 1,016 m)
  • 380 V - 32 A

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 310 kg
Length 190 cm
Height 130 cm
Width 100 cm
EAN code 5420069841959
Brand SSBrewtech
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