Viking Red Active Malt - 30-40 EBC - 5 kg

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The unique characteristics of this exceptional malt are based on a special variety and a complex malting process with a curing temperature over 100 C. Viking Red Active Malt gives a pure malty, nutty and clean long-lasting flavor together with unique amylase activities for this color level. This is a real single variety malt for any reddish brew. Contains gluten.

Viking Red Active Malt is ideal malt for any ales, dark lagers, festival beers and bocks for underlining malty flavors and full bodied taste, but also boosting up the red tinted colors. The strong enzyme activity gives good potential for developing recipes with adjuncts or non active malts. With this malt if you are heading to strong reddish color you do not need to dilute color down with pale malts. Dosage up to 100%.

Did you know?
Finland, malting barley is delivered directly from nearby farms to our malthouse. The average distance is only about 50 km. Farms have also their own drying equipments. The immediate drying after harvest to the low storage moisture (< 14 %) keeps the barley vital and safe even couple of years .

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 5.026 kg
Length 44 cm
Height 7 cm
Width 27 cm
EAN code 5420069833763
Brand Viking Malt
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