Weyermann chocolate spelt malt 450-650 EBC 25 kg

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Produced from quality spelt. Spelt wheat, also known as dinkel, is an old wheat variety. Intended for specialty beers. Processed slowly and thoroughly by our drum process. Evenly roasted, coffeebrown, aromatic kernels. Adds color and complex flavors to very dark brews.

Flavor: intense roast aroma; intense notes of coffee and chocolate

Roasted malts
These dark-coloured malts are used in dark beers such as stout, dark abbey beers, etc. They give a nutty to roasted flavour to your beer depending on the amount used.

The Malt Aroma Wheel®, a valuable brewery tool for developing and describing beer recipes

The worldwide trend towards ever more specialty beers with character, as well as the growing acceptance of these beers by consumers are the key forces behind the increasing use of specialty malts in the brew houses of large, midsize and small breweries. For this burgeoning market segment, Weyermann® offers the largest spectrum of malt varieties.

The new trends in beer tastes make it the more important for brewers to have a standard vocabulary available with which to communicate the differentiated characteristics of the specialty malts they put into their mashes. To this end, Weyermann® has developed a new tool, the Malt Aroma Wheel®, which aids brewers in the selection and use of their specialty malts. The Malt Aroma Wheel® is a registered trademark of the Weyermann® malting Company of Bamberg, Germany.

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 25.5 kg
Length 79 cm
Height 12.5 cm
Width 50 cm
EAN code 5420069840907
Brand Weyermann
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