Viking CaraBody Malt - 4-8 EBC - 1 kg

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Viking CaraBody Malt is gently malted and slightly caramelized special malt product, produced from 2-row brewing barleys. Flavor is soft and balanced containing clear cereal note. Slight sweetness and malty notes can also be found.

Key features:

  • Has low coloring power with a yellow-golden hue.
  • Main intention of this malt is to support body with any beer but especially low colored beers and/or low alcohol content beers.
  • The amylase activity is modest and needs to be considered while designing malt blends.
  • Recommended dosage rate up to 10%; higher dosage rates may slow down your wort separation process.
  • A unique new malt, not a blend of malts.
  • Has a positive impact on head retention and foam quality.
  • Has a modest flavor impact; therefore Viking CaraBody Malt is ideal when a pronounced mouthfeel and beer foam are desired without affecting other flavor aspects of the beer too much.

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 1.013 kg
Length 24 cm
Height 5 cm
Width 20 cm
EAN code 5420069833817
Brand Viking Malt
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