Brewferm Pale Ale 7,0-10,0 EBC 5 kg

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Pale 7-10 EBC
Belgian malt. Slightly darker than Pils and often used in ale-type beers.

Base malts
These barley malts with an EBC up to 50 are being used as base malt up to 100 %.

BROUWLAND has over 50 kinds of malt in its range. All barley malts are made from the finest 2-row barley and are expertly malted according to fixed quality standards. Crushed malt is not available because of the great loss of aroma in a short period and danger of infections. Store malt in a cool, dry place. Ask for our special brewery prices for orders of 500 kg and more.

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 5.026 kg
Length 44 cm
Height 7 cm
Width 27 cm
EAN code 5425000390343
Brand Brewferm
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