Hop pellets Pilgrim 2020 - 5 kg

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This cultivar of Wye College, England, displays first-rate bittering qualities in addition to favourable aroma and flavour characteristics. It was released in the year 2000. Considered round and full-bodied with classic English-style bitterness, its complex flavour and aroma have been compared to grassy herbs, grapefruit citrus, berries and pears right through to spice, cedar and honey. Pilgrim is a true all-purpose hop, great in the boil from beginning to end. The exact alpha acid content is indicated on every package.

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 5 kg
Length 43 cm
Height 9 cm
Width 40.5 cm
EAN code 5420069843809
Brand Brewferm
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Alfa 9 - 13
Beta 4.2 - 5.2
Cohumulone 36 - 38
Total Oil 0 - 1.8
Harvest land UK
Harvest year 2020