Hop pellets Idaho7 1 kg

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Named for its home state, this late-maturing aroma hop practically drips with juicy tropical and stone fruit, supported by sticky pine and fainter notes of earthy black tea. It’s perfect for late additions, though also has high enough alpha acids for good bittering.

Aroma profile: tropical/fruit, piney/resinous, stone fruit.

The exact alpha acid content is indicated on every package.

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 1 kg
Length 30 cm
Height 8.3 cm
Width 19 cm
EAN code 5420069834449
Brand Brewferm
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Alfa 9 - 14
Beta 3.5 - 9.1
Cohumulone 30 - 40
Total Oil 0 - 4
Harvest land USA
Harvest year 2019