The Brew Bag - 27 l

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The brew bag is an easy and economical fabric filter for home brewers to start all-grain brewing according to the Brew in a Bag-method. What makes this method unique is that you brew with one kettle instead of two kettles and a filter bottom, thus saving time, space and money.

With the Brew Bag and a single brew kettle you have all the equipment to brew a malt beer at home. To use with our Brewferm® malt kits.

Remark: this bag is specially developed for the Brewferm® brew kettle 27 litre electric and Brewferm® PRO 27 litre electric.

  • easy to clean: hand-wash with warm water and dishwashing soap. Triple rinse with clear water and let it hang to drip-dry; wash occasionally.
  • strong, reusable brew bag you can use again and again (not a throwaway bag)
  • with strong polypropylene straps, so you can easily lift the bag with a hook or pulley from the brew kettle
  • can be used as a suspended hop bag
  • seams are on the outside therefore no particles remain in the bag
  • 100% polyester
  • dimensions: diameter x height = 36 x 37 cm
  • available in 4 versions: suitable for our Brewferm® homebrew kettles of 25, 27, 35, 50 litres

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 0.2 kg
Length 23.1 cm
Height 4 cm
Width 30.4 cm
EAN code 05700927
Brand The Brew Bag
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