The Brew Bag 38 l - 59 l

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The brew bag is an easy and economical fabric filter for home brewers to start all-grain brewing according to the Brew in a Bag-method. What makes this method unique is that you brew with 1 kettle instead of 2 kettles and a filter bottom, thus saving time, space and money.

With the Brew Bag and a single brew kettle you have all the equipment to brew a malt beer at home. To use with our Brewferm® malt kits.

  • easy to clean: hand-wash with warm water and dishwashing soap. Triple rinse with clear water and let it hang to drip-dry; wash occasionally.
  • strong, reusable brew bag you can use again and again (not a throwaway bag)
  • with strong polypropylene straps, so you can easily lift the bag with a hook or pulley from the brew kettle
  • can be used as a suspended hop bag
  • seams are on the outside therefore no particles remain in the bag
  • 100% polyester
  • dimensions: diameter x height = 42 x 45 cm
  • available in various sizes
Note: as soon as the brew bag, which is filled with malt, touches the bottom of the brew kettle, you should not increase the temperature by direct heating. As this can cause the Brew Bag to burn or melt.

Additional tips:

  1. How to maximise the yield of the Brew Bag: with a finer crush, you increase the contact surface, hence accelerating the enzymatic activity, resulting in a higher yield.
  2. Sparging is no longer necessary, if you brew according to the Brew in a Bag-method.
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Width 30.4 cm
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