Beerkit Brewmaker IPA 1.8 kg

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A nice pale ale to enjoy for the taste, not the alcohol. You can knock back a few of these without knocking yourself out. A perfect session beer! ABV: 4.3%.

The Brewmaker Premium range contains only authentic top quality ingredients. The range offers a wonderful choice of beer styles for homebrewers. To produce 23 litres (40 UK pints) of exceptionally drinkable beers which can either be barrelled or bottled, you need to add 1 kilo of sugar, preferably brewing sugar, Muntons Beerkit enhancer or malt extract.

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 2.1 kg
Length 10 cm
Height 20.5 cm
Width 10 cm
EAN code 714588005103
Brand Brewmaker
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