Malt extract kit Brewferm GREGORIUS for 10 l

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Deep reddish, very mild beer with a slightly sweet taste and low bitterness.

  • Original gravity: 1,054
  • ABV: 5.6%
  • EBU: 22
  • EBC: 66
  • For 10 litres

Ingredients: Malt extract Amber 18 EBC (barley), Malt extract Dark 57 EBC (barley), candi sugar brown, hops Northern Brewer, beer yeast, coriander.

Brewferm® malt extract kits 
Ready-to-go kits for brewing your own beer at home with malt extract powder. The actual mashing process is no longer needed. Your work consists of boiling the wort, allowing it to cool and fermenting the beer. Every pack, carefully made up by our master brewer, is enough to brew 10 litres of beer.

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Weight 1.846 kg
Length 28.5 cm
Height 19.7 cm
Width 10.5 cm
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Brand Brewferm
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