Beer kit Brewferm IPA 25 kg without yeast

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Beerkit 25 kg without yeast
The same recipes as the popular BREWFERM kits, but in 25 kg package, enough for 150-250 litres of beer, depending on the type. Should you ever wish to brew a large quantity of beer for e.g. a party, homebrew clubs etc. then these jerrycans are ideal. Also an excellent solution for small breweries and catering companies. Delivered without yeast.

A traditional IPA. Slightly amber coloured and full flavoured with a herbal, bitter aftertaste.
Original gravity : 1.065.
ABV : 6,5%.
2 recipes: for 200 litres.

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 28 kg
Length 27.5 cm
Height 40.7 cm
Width 20.5 cm
EAN code 5420069809331
Brand Brewferm
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