Hop pellets Moutere - 1 kg

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Moutere™ is a New Zealand bred triploid variety with distinctive tropical, grapefruit and passionfruit character. The essential oil profile displays characteristics of intense fruit, citrus and resinous pine. A big hop delivering high alpha acid with a generous weight of oil while its lower cohumulone provides a soft well-structured but solid bitterness.

Moutere™ is an incredible New Zealand bittering hop, providing a soft hoppy bitterness and is best seen in classic beer styles including Lagers, Pale Ales and stronger IPAs or NEIPAs.

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 1 kg
Length 32 cm
Height 8 cm
Width 13 cm
EAN code 5420069844554
Brand Brewferm
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Alfa 17.5 - 19.5
Beta 8 - 10
Cohumulone 26
Total Oil 0 - 1.7
Harvest land NZ
Harvest year 2020