Brew Monk™ stainless steel fermenter 55 l

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Holy smoke! The monastery has great news for his dear Brew Monk adepts and parishioners. Father abbot and his apostles proudly present their 55 litre fermenter, in which every self-respecting brewer can turn water into beer. Not just any beer, but a divine drink.

Durable fermenter with the convenience of a conical bottom for a hobby brew of 42-45 litres on average. The practical tri-clamp connections offer endless possibilities for connecting.

  • volume: 55-59 l
  • stainless steel AISI 304
  • stainless steel lid with silicone seal and 15 mm drilled hole for airlock
  • matte stainless steel finish
  • equipped with conical bottom
  • 3 adjustable feet
  • 2 steady stainless steel handles
  • including thermometer 0-40°C (click here for installation instructions)
  • 1,5" tri-clamp 3/8" tap with rotating dip tube
  • dump valve on conical bottom with 1.5" elbow and 1.5" stainless steel tri-clamp butterfly valve
  • volume markings on the inside
  • extras: spare TC gaskets, blind cap and TC clamp
  • weight: 21 kg
  • dimensions:
    • diameter at the top: 40 cm
    • diameter with handles: 51 cm
    • height with extension legs: 86.5 cm (97.5 cm with airlock)

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 21 kg
Length 74.5 cm
Height 46.5 cm
Width 46.5 cm
EAN code 5420069843861
Brand Brew Monk
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