Liquid Yeast WLP561 Non STA1son Ale Yeast - White Labs - The Vault

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This blend of STA1-negative strains produces a complex expression of esters and phenols great for saison and farmhouse-style beers without potential super-attenuation commonly associated with many Belgian-style strains. The White Labs taste panel picked up fruit-like notes from this strain ranging from lemon and tropical fruit to chamomile, as well as an array of spice-like phenolic driven aromas like pepper, clove and coriander.

The Vault Seasonal Release: Every three months, White Labs will make different specialty strains available, you may now purchase this Vault’s Seasonal Release directly from Brouwland.

Stay tuned for more temporary releases.

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Attenuation: 78-85%
Flocculation: low
Fermentation temperature: 20-24°C
Content: ca. 35 ml

Watch the webcast with Chris White, White Labs’ founder and CEO.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Length 6.9 cm
Height 19 cm
Width 2 cm
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Brand White Labs
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