Siphon blowable with tap and anti-sediment tip

Item No.: 018.002.6 In stock
€ 5,95 (incl. VAT)
This siphon is the most economical solution for transferring beer or other liquids. Siphoning starts automatically after simply blowing in the provided tube. The siphon is intended for use in glass or plastic fermenters, see accessories. Thanks to the easy-to-use tap, siphoning can be paused at any time.

  • good value for money
  • to be used on bottles with an opening with inner diameter of maximum 5 cm
  • tap to easily pause siphoning
  • anti-sediment tip prevents sediment from entering
  • alcohol resistance: max. 20% ABV
  • maximum temperature: 60°C
  • flow rate: +/- 5 l/min

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 0.23 kg
Length 93 cm
Height 3 cm
Width 3 cm
EAN code 01800260
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