Lallzyme Cuvée Rouge™ 100 g

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Red grape cold soak macerating enzyme.

LALLZYME® Cuvée Rouge™ is a new enzymatic preparation presenting an optimal balance of pectinases and other side activities for prefermentative maceration in red-winemaking. It enhances the extraction of aromatic precursors and polysaccharides from the grape-berry skins. It has to be added at the very beginneing of maceration (cold soak) for optimial extraction of varietal aromatic compounds. this is a new tool for elaboration of red-fruit-orientated premium wines.

Skin pre-fermentative maceration: 2-3 g/100 kg at 15-25°C / 2-6 days
Skin cold soak maceration: 2-3 g/100 kg at < 12°C /2-6 days

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Length 6.7 cm
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Width 6.7 cm
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Brand Lalvin
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