Make your own pasta

Make your own pasta in 12 steps:

1. Pour the beaten eggs into the hole in the flour.

2. Use a fork to slowly mix the eggs and the flour together. Do not break the walls of the hole, the egg will run out.

3. Wash and dry your hands and start kneading. Place the dough on a clean surface. At first the dough will be rough and granular.

4. Whilst kneading, the dough becomes more and more smooth. From the warmth of your hands and the rhythmic kneading a gluten- forming protein is formed which gives the pasta its special texture.

5. After 10-20 minutes (depending on the type of flour you used) the dough should be smooth-textured and soft as silk, with little air bubbles at the surface. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and let it sit for 30 minutes.

6. Portion the dough into pieces ( 5-6 pieces for 400g of pasta, enough for 4 people).

7. Put the machine at the widest setting and pull a piece of dough through the opening.

8. Keep rolling the dough through the machine, whilst you narrow the opening, till the dough has the desired thickness. You might have to fold the dough several times to get an evenly formed sheet.

9. The finished sheets of dough have to be smooth and evenly formed, without wrinkles. Exceptionally long sheets are difficult to work with, so make sure that the sheets are not longer than 30-35 cm.

10. Sprinkle the sheets evenly with flour (semolina or corn) and cover them with a clean, dry cloth, letting them dry before you cut.

11. Check if the pasta is ready to cut by gently pulling on a fold in the sheet. The pasta is ready when it breaks, if the fold stretches, let it dry a bit long

12. Put the machine at the desired setting and pull each sheet through. Twist the pasta into little ‘nests’ when it has rolled through.